One Mad Life’s Experiences Bucket List

Do you have things you want to do? What are they? When you are planning a trip do you think about them? Most people have a bucket list in their heads, some have it written out. Many don't think about it for months or years at a time. We used to be like that. We changed when we decided that vacations should be simple. We thought about how we had a list of places we wanted to go and a list of things we wanted to do, but always struggle in saving for and planning vacations and activities. When we created our new bucket list, we began using them to plan vacations. We began adding dates, locations, and costs in. We began to use of bucket list for more than dreaming. We use it as a plan. This list is the second part of how we plan our trips. We look here for what we want to do after we have chosen where to go from our traveling bucket list. What's the point of having a list if you don't use it?

Basic Buildup: Capsule Closet Step III

So you know your colors. You've disposed of your "trash." You've taken the plunge. Now it's time to build back up your closet (not all the way back up). You're goal now is to have a functioning minimalist closet that you can work and go casual out of in a maximum of 50 items. See the previous FAQ for information about that number. In this post, we will look at what basics everyone needs, how to add your style to the basics, and how to limit the number of shoes you own (it can be really hard.)

Your Wardrobe of Colors: Capsule Closet Step II

You now have the basics in your closet. You only have items that you like and that fit. You have taken at least 10 bags of clothing to goodwill (was that just me?) and you feel your arms getting stronger. Back to the point, it's time for step two. In this step you will take a look at your closet to identify the base and highlight colors your wardrobe will consist of. You will pick a staple, and go through your closet again. This is where the real results are going to become visible. 

Getting Rid of Trash: Capsule Closet Step I

If you've ever been overwhelmed by the amount of clothing you have, minimalism will help. Previous to this we have talked about why one should minimalism their closet and that they even means. In this post we will take the first real step towards a great closet. In this post we will get rid of items that don't fit and haven't been worn. If you have already purged your closet, you can move onto the next step, Color Charts & Themes.

FAQ of a small wardrobe… Should I downsize my closet?

If you have ever looked on Pintrest, you have seen things called capsule wardrobes. You may have heard about a thing called Project 333. Have you ever thought about making your wardrobe smaller? Have you ever thought that you have to many clothes and need to get rid of some of some but you didn't know where to start? A minimalist wardrobe may be of help here. Maybe you think that you can't just own 30 pieces of clothing. Maybe you wonder why you should live on less. I have thoughts about these questions and more. I hope these questions and responses can help you decide whether or not to try downsizing your wardrobe. If you have already made the decision to downsize take a look at step one here. 

The Only Ten Travel Tips You’ll Ever Need

We're big on adventure, but we're also trying to save for financial independence at the same time. These ten travel tips that we have learned over time will not only insure that you are getting the most for your money, but that you are also saving money and having a great stress-free time. There are tips for flying, staying, traveling, adventuring, and even cruising. Let's Begin. 

The Frugal Car. Is it New or Used?

Is buying a new car not frugal? Is it wrong to spend money on a new car? Not minimalist? I don't think so. Should you buy a new car? I think most people should. There is a lot that goes into buying a car and many people that want to save money only buy used cars. Is that the right option? I don't think so. I think you should take another look at that new car you have been wanting. I think it might be the best option for you. Let's Look.