Frugality for Female Issues

A subject that not many are willing to talk about. The female period. It's taboo, strange, and wrong, but most importantly it shouldn't be any of those things. We should be willing to talk about it, we should be willing to share information. If we talked more, there would be less shamming and more acceptance. …

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MadDogge as a puppers on a beach at 8 weeks old

Dog Toys for a Toy Lover… on a Budget?!

We have a vizsla. More specifically, MadDogge is a 60lb male vizsla that loves toys more than any dog should. We got him when he was just a young puppy and have had him ever since. When I first learned how much MadDogge loved toys, we had a hard time keeping up with his demand. He could tear up a box of toys before you could blink. Over time we learned a few things and he calmed down (teething was awful). If you are having trouble keeping you pet entertained on a budget, you've come to the right place. Tip #1: Don't shop at Petsmart.

MadLady’s Bricks on a Path Bucket List

How many friends do you know that can identify set goals without too much thinking? I don't think I know any off of the top of my head. I believe that most of us move along from one day to the next without much thought about how we are advancing out lives. I've been guilty …

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The Only Ten Travel Tips You’ll Ever Need

We're big on adventure, but we're also trying to save for financial independence at the same time. These ten travel tips that we have learned over time will not only insure that you are getting the most for your money, but that you are also saving money and having a great stress-free time. There are tips for flying, staying, traveling, adventuring, and even cruising. Let's Begin. 

The Frugal Car. Is it New or Used?

Is buying a new car not frugal? Is it wrong to spend money on a new car? Not minimalist? I don't think so. Should you buy a new car? I think most people should. There is a lot that goes into buying a car and many people that want to save money only buy used cars. Is that the right option? I don't think so. I think you should take another look at that new car you have been wanting. I think it might be the best option for you. Let's Look. 

The Au Naturel Month: A Minimalist Frugal Challenge

I do my hair and makeup just like any other woman, just not nearly as often. A few years ago I realized that I didn't need make-up and my hair looked just fine the way it was. I'm going to challenge you, but I think you can manage ... I want you to go a month with no make up. I also want you to learn what your hair is supposed to look like. Even if you work in a office job. Now hear me out.

White Flowers

Frugality. What is it anyway?

When MadMan and I were first living together, we had almost nothing. We embraced being "frugal" simply to stay in the positive. Years later, we began our journey to financial independence. That is when we become minimalist and truly frugal. Now, being frugal plays a vital role in when we hit our FI. This post will go into why we are frugal, what frugal is, and what comes out of begin frugal.