One Mad Life’s Experiences Bucket List

Do you have things you want to do? What are they? When you are planning a trip do you think about them? Most people have a bucket list in their heads, some have it written out. Many don't think about it for months or years at a time. We used to be like that. We changed when we decided that vacations should be simple. We thought about how we had a list of places we wanted to go and a list of things we wanted to do, but always struggle in saving for and planning vacations and activities. When we created our new bucket list, we began using them to plan vacations. We began adding dates, locations, and costs in. We began to use of bucket list for more than dreaming. We use it as a plan. This list is the second part of how we plan our trips. We look here for what we want to do after we have chosen where to go from our traveling bucket list. What's the point of having a list if you don't use it?

The Only Ten Travel Tips You’ll Ever Need

We're big on adventure, but we're also trying to save for financial independence at the same time. These ten travel tips that we have learned over time will not only insure that you are getting the most for your money, but that you are also saving money and having a great stress-free time. There are tips for flying, staying, traveling, adventuring, and even cruising. Let's Begin. 

Portland: What We Did, What You Should Do…

In May of 2017 we visited Portland, Oregon for a week. It was rainy, it was cold, and it was fun. We did lots of walking, visited Forest Park, we walked around the Zoo and the Japanese Gardens, toured a sub, and ate lots of food. That's not to say that it was all fun and games, we also visited many apartments as we plan on moving there one day. Here's our feeling on the city, a guide, and photos.