A Single Brick [Re]Starts a Path

When I was young, my grandparents had a pool way back in their back yard. When I was a toddler, there was a brick path connecting the porch to the pool. Over time, this path disappeared until one day I saw a single brick. This brick's story is over, but the lesson it taught me has helped me to control my life. Life isn't something that gets in the way. Life is a think that you can control, it's a thing that can get out of hand, but can be caught again and put back on the right track. This post is step one in controlling your life and getting all those bricks back in order.

MadLady’s Bricks on a Path Bucket List

How many friends do you know that can identify set goals without too much thinking? I don't think I know any off of the top of my head. I believe that most of us move along from one day to the next without much thought about how we are advancing out lives. I've been guilty …

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