Adventuring in July

Every month I write down what’s been going on in our lives and how we are coming closer to our goal of becoming financially independent. Click here for June.

A month of Adventure:

MadDogge & Life Jacket
That’s one happy dog.

On July 4th we never go see fireworks, not very American, I know. There are too many dangers on the road to make it worth it. Most years, we just lay by the pool or play video games. This year, MadMan planned a date. He took me on a date to indoor Skydiving after spending a few hours by the lake with MadDogge. (we git him this awesome swim jacket because he is an aweful swimmer)

indoor skydiving
We look dashing.

If you’ve never been indoor skydiving, then I would advice going. MadMan and I are in rather good shape and we thought that it would just be like floating on a pillow. Boy were we wrong. It was hard, but so much fun. It was something that, if not so expensive, we would totally do again. That, however, was not the end of our adventures for the month.

History & Clothing:

The next weekend my parents came up and visited us. We visited the mall, Kennesaw Mountain, and almost went rock climbing (my mom forgot gym clothes). We learned that Kennesaw, GA used to be called Big Shanty, GA before the civil war and that wearing cotton that covers all your body is cooler than shorts and a t-shirt. Civil War Pro Tip: Sometimes more layers is, in fact, cooler. Also, we learned about an awesome cannon. All I’ll say about that is if you love history, visit Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield and ask about the cannon with the labels out front.

We have good friends…

Baseball, the great American past time.
MadMan & MadLady at a Baseball Game
Our first time visiting the new stadium! (We left before the end because we were tired)

We thought the month was over. For sure, the rest of the month would be boring and filled with finals. We were wrong. One Friday night, we got an invitation to a Braves game. We went and had a great time, though we couldn’t stay the whole time. While we were at the braves game, we were invited to a lake near MadMan’s hometown to spend Saturday tubing. We were sore for days. Good News, we have much more balance & coordination than previously thought. After the weekend tubing on the lake, we spent the last two weekends at an ice cream festival, a cookout with friends, a class reunion, getting engaged, and attending a few networking events for professionalism. (I guess it can’t be all fun can it?)  How we fit all these events into one month, I will never understand. We did, however, leave July with 100x happier moods and a great outlook on life.

It’s been 5 Years

It’s been 5 years since I graduated high school. This month I went to my 5 year class reunion. Lucky for me, my last school was a place where I thrived. I ran on the cross country team, ran track, and knew almost everyone. While the reunion was still awkward (it is a reunion after all) it was not unbearable. We ate, talked, and caught up. Most of the people that I hung out with don’t even live in the US anymore so I got to see people I knew but didn’t “hang with” on a regular basis. MadMan didn’t want to come at first, but came around and ended up enjoying himself.

MadDogge went to college…

This month we decided to pull the trigger (pun intended) and send MadDogge to gun dog training. It’s something we have been saving to for, for a long time and knew he needed. He will be gone for to months, and while we will see him every few weekends, it’s going to be lonely around the house without him. Is this what parents who send their kids off feel like?

For frame of reference, he will spend the first week getting used to the trainer. Then the trainer will tighten up his obedience (he knows everything, just doesn’t listen as well as he should). For the next month and a half, he will learn new commands and skills so that we can go dove and quail hunt with him.

Monthly Photo Wrap-up:

MadMan Swimming
We went to the pool two or three times a week this month.
MadDogge frowning
MadDogge left us for training! Don’t worry, he’ll be back in two months!
MadCat in a soft Kennel
MadCat vows to use MadDogge’s new soft kennel while he’s gone.

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What was the best part of this month for you?
Where did you travel?

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