Five Things We’ve Done to Hit Our FI

2017 is the first year that we have aimed (on purpose) to hit FI/FIRE/Financial Independence. We've taken to being minimalist, frugal, mindful, and happier. We've still traveled, but we've saved over 4000 since year open. It's been a long first year with many setbacks and expenses. At the same time it's hard to believe that …

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Mindfully & Positively Thinking About Appropriation

It's a hot topic, but should we even be so hot about it? Cultures have come and gone, traded traditions with others, and never had an issue. So why then, is it a problem all the sudden? I'll tell you where I side along with the facts I used to get to get there. Read my opinionΒ and tell me. Is it evolution or appropriation? Β Does it even matter in the long run?

Frugality for Female Issues

A subject that not many are willing to talk about. The female period. It's taboo, strange, and wrong, but most importantly it shouldn't be any of those things. We should be willing to talk about it, we should be willing to share information. If we talked more, there would be less shamming and more acceptance. …

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Modern Privilege: Changing How We Look at Life

In today's world, we see lots of talk about acceptance. We want people to accept our gender, our size, and our orientation; yet there are many times when we don't accept theirs. I think that there are a few factors to this situation and while I'm not a sociologist, I think I have a decent perspective on the subject. To me, the first thing we need to do is get rid of is privilege. This post took me over two months to complete in which time I debated whether or not to even post it. Read what I think; and tell me, what do you think?