MadLady’s Bricks on a Path Bucket List

How many friends do you know that can identify set goals without too much thinking? I don’t think I know any off of the top of my head. I believe that most of us move along from one day to the next without much thought about how we are advancing out lives. I’ve been guilty of this many times. Life can get rather hectic and confusing and sometimes we just don’t have time so take steps towards our dreams.

That’s why I created by Bricks on a Path. This is a bucket list of sorts; but really, it’s more like set goals on a path to achieving my dreams. They represent points of real progress to my future and are divided by the different sections of my life. This is the first in a new series: Bricks on the Path. I will teach you how to write a real plan, like the one that this came from. I will go into detail about why it is so important to write down exactly what you are aiming for and how to turn the writing into action.

Do you have a list like this somewhere in your life? 
How much does it help?

Personal & Business Progression:

  1. Graduate with a degree in Management
  2. Get a Masters
  3. Learn woodworking
  4. Become a photographer
  5. Become a swimmer
  6. Learn Spanish
  7. Learn French
  8. Learn German
  9. Learn a total of 5 languages
  10. Become a dog trainer
  11. Get CPR/First Aid
  12. Learn to scuba dive
  13. Take a public speaking course
  14. Take a course in cooking from scratch
  15. Read 10 books pertaining to my lifestyle -> 1/10 (Lean In)
  16. Become a personal trainer with at least 10 clients
  17. Work at a major fitness company for a year (ex. Nike, Under Armour)
  18. Launch my first company
  19. Launch a company that helps people
  20. Run a successful company for 5 years
  21. Own 5 successful companies
  22. Own and rent rental properties
  23. Acquire a company
  24. Open a second location of a company
  25. Work in 10 different industries
  26. Patent an invention
  27. Create 10 successful inventions


  1. Speak at a conference
  2. Write and publish an ebook
  3. Write and publish a book.
  4. Host a creative workshop
  5. Meditate with a Monk.
  6. Attend a huge music festival.
  7. Work as an Extra for a summer -> CHECK 2013 – 2014 extra in movies and TV shows
  8. Paint a canvas and place it on my wall.
  9. Create a yourtube that has 100,000 subs
  10. Get 20 pieces for my “mini art museum”
  11. Go scuba diving
  12. Hike the Appalachian Trail
  13. Drive all of Route 66
  14. Travel to every country in the world
  15. Visit every state in the US
  16. Go on a cruise
  17. Visit Disney World
  18. Build a home for the homeless
  19. Professionally Model -> CHECK 2013 – 2016 in magazines and on runways
  20. Speak in a TED Talk


  1. Get Married
  2. Have a healthy child
  3. Adopt a child
  4. Raise children in a Montessori style environment
  5. Live to see grandchildren


  1. Run in the Disney Goofy Run
  2. Eat all organic and fresh for a whole year (hopefully longer)
  3. Eat only hunted meat for a whole year (hopefully longer)
  4. Don’t eat out for a whole month
  5. Don’t eat out for a whole year
  6. Run every morning for 1 month
  7. Workout 6 days a week for a year
  8. Drink only water for a month
  9. Drink only water for a year
  10. Ride a bike to work for a week
  11. Walk to work for a week


  1. Pay off all student loans by 2020
  2. Pay off car loan by 2020
  3. Save 12 months of expenses into an Emergency Fund
  4. Open a Roth IRA Investment Account
  5. Save enough for a down payment on a home
  6. Create 5 viable streams of income
  7. Start a college savings for my child(s) – – – When I have one
  8. Save $10,000
  9. Save $30,000
  10. Save $60,000
  11. Save $150,000
  12. Save $250,000
  13. Save $400,000
  14. Save $700,000

Life Style:

  1. Live on a boat house
  2. Live by a lake
  3. Live on and run a farm (70 acres)
  4. Live in a sailboat for a year
  5. Roadtrip across the nation for a summer
  6. Build an off the grid home
  7. Zero waist life for one year
  8. Take public transit, walk, or bike to work and fun for one year
  9. Get an electric car & build a solar charging station


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