One Mad Life’s Travel Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? It may be traveling, like this, or it may be experiences like our second bucket list. If you have one, is it written out? How often do you look at it? If you are like most others, you may not look at it unless you are day dreaming. What if you used it to plan your trips?

One Mad Life’s bucket lists are used to plan our trips across the world. If we want to go somewhere, we look at the list. Why go somewhere random when you can save a bit more and go to somewhere you dream about? After we pick a place, we use our second bucket list to determine a few things we might want to do. Using this method, we are able to make each trip a dream come true (literally).

For each destination, we have a date in mind, the cost understood, and the requirements researched. This means that we know about how long we need to save and what we would have to do to travel to this place for a vacation. If we’ve been there it’s in bold and linked to an article about our trip. There will be a date next to it, that’s when we made the trip. Family Trip means we are going with our family (not just MadMan and MadLady.)

What is the place you want to travel to the most? 
Are you saving for it? 
How much longer till you fly/drive out?



Portland Trip May 2017 - MountainPortland, Oregon May ’17
– Denver, Colorado
New Orleans, Louisiana 
Dec ’15
– New York, New York
Atlanta, Georgia
– Stay-cations were spent here
– Seattle, Washington
– Los Angles, California
– Miami, Florida
– St. Augustine, Florida
– Panama City, Florida
– St. Louis, Missouri
New Orleans 2015– Nashville, Tennessee
– Pigeon Forge, Tennessee – Fall ’18, $500, 4D & 3N
– Austin, Texas
– Maui, Hawaii – Winter ’18, $8,000, One Month
– Anchorage, Alaska
– Key West, Florida
– Las Vegas, Nevada
– Chicago, Illinois
– Washington, D.C
– Oaho, Hawaii
– Sedona, Arizona
– London, England
– Paris, France
– Ontario, Canada
– Mexico City, Mexico
– Rome, Italy
– Bora Bora – Winter ’18, $8,000, One Month
– New Zealand – Winter ’18, $8,000, One Month


– Disney World – Summer ’18, $1,000, 4D & 3N
– Disney Land – Summer ’19, $600, 3D & 2N
– Mall of America
– Dollywood – Fall ’18, $500, 4D & 3N
– Cedar Point
– Hersheypark
– Island of Adventure – Summer ’18, $1,000, 4D & 3N
– Kings Island
– Six Flags Magic Mountain
– Universal Studios – Summer ’18, $1,000, 4D & 3N
– Knoebels Amusement Resort
– Carowinds

Parks, Monuments, & Other

– Grand Canyon National Park
– Zion National Park
– Stonehenge
– Easter Island
– Great Pyramids of Giza
– Machu Picchu
– Great Wall of China
– Taj Mahal
– Chichen Itza
– Colosseum
– Petra
– Great Barrier Reef
– Victoria Falls
– Mount Everest
– Hover Dam
– Glacier National Park
– Yosemite National Park
– Statue of Liberty
– Golden Gate Bridge
– Great Smokey Mountain National Park – Fall ’18, $500, 4D & 3N
Cruise to the Caribbean – Summer ’18, $500, 4D & 3N FAMILY TRIP

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