One Mad Life’s Experiences Bucket List

Do you have things you want to do? What are they? When you are planning a trip do you think about them? Most people have a bucket list in their heads, some have it written out. Many don’t think about it for months or years at a time. We used to be like that.

We changed when we decided that vacations should be simple. We thought about how we had a list of places we wanted to go and a list of things we wanted to do, but always struggle in saving for and planning vacations and activities. When we created our new bucket list, we began using them to plan vacations. We began adding dates, locations, and costs in. We began to use of bucket list for more than dreaming. We use it as a plan.

This list is the second part of how we plan our trips. We look here for what we want to do after we have chosen where to go from ourΒ traveling bucket list. What’s the point of having a list if you don’t use it?

Do you use your bucket list to plan vacations?Β 
Do you know of something we should try?

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The Simple:

indoor skydivingIndoor Sky Diving (coming soon)
Riding a two person bike
Hot air balloon ride
Horseback riding on a beach
Witness an eclipse
Stand on the equator
Stay in an ice hotel
Swim with a sea turtle
Zip lining
Sleep in a tree house
Ride a camel
Ride an elephant
Dinner on a rooftop
Drive in movie
Paddle board
Swim with dolphins
Stay in an over water bungalow
Rope swing into a lake
Camp on the Beach
Lake Tubing (coming soon!)
River Tubing
Experience zero gravity

The Required Learning Curve:

MadMan Striking a Pose

Snow boarding
Hang gliding
Climb an active volcano
Hike the entire Appalachian Trail
Run the Disney Goofy Run
Sail around the world
Scuba diving
Water skiing
Sky Diving
Bungee Jumping
Base Jump
Cave Diving


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