Our Version. Financial Independence.

When MadMan and I look at the number 35, we see a goal. When we hit 35, we want to be financially independent. Financial independence is a term thrown around a lot by today's young. That said, what does it mean to us? This is a continuation of a series acquainting you to how we look at the world. Previous to this has been our versions of Minimalism and Frugality. Here we explain financial independence, how we look at it, and why we go for it.

Portland: What We Did, What You Should Do…

In May of 2017 we visited Portland, Oregon for a week. It was rainy, it was cold, and it was fun. We did lots of walking, visited Forest Park, we walked around the Zoo and the Japanese Gardens, toured a sub, and ate lots of food. That's not to say that it was all fun and games, we also visited many apartments as we plan on moving there one day. Here's our feeling on the city, a guide, and photos. 

White Flowers

Frugality. What is it anyway?

When MadMan and I were first living together, we had almost nothing. We embraced being "frugal" simply to stay in the positive. Years later, we began our journey to financial independence. That is when we become minimalist and truly frugal. Now, being frugal plays a vital role in when we hit our FI. This post will go into why we are frugal, what frugal is, and what comes out of begin frugal. 

Orange Flower from Shakespear's Garden in Portland, Oregon

Minimalism for One Mad Life

On our journey to Financial Independence we have become both frugal and minimalist. Eventually, we realized how much more than a step minimalism had become. It became an integral part of our lives, something all unto itself. That, however, does not explain how we live simplistically or what we see minimalism as. This post is about those very questions. Here I will go into what minimalism is for us, what good comes of it, and why we chose it in the first place.